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Baler Feed Systems

Endura-Veyor provides steel, combination, and slider bed conveyors specifically designed for baler feed applications. Our vast range of products coupled with our extensive industry knowledge make Endura-Veyor Inc. the single source for all of your baler feeding needs.

  System Components

Conveyor with Feed Hopper
Baler Hopper Extension
Conveyor Electrical Controls
Pit Frame and Flashing
Container Dumper

  Related Industries

  Scrap Metal Recycling

  Printing Process Scrap

  Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

  Redistribution Centers

  Warehouse & Distribution

Endura-Veyor’s rugged and versatile hinged steel belt, combination belt, and apron belt conveyors are designed and built for years of worry free operation in baling applications such as paper, OCC, MSW, white goods, non-ferrous scrap, and mixed waste

We design your baler feed system for;

Any brand of baler
Two ram or single
Auto-tie or manual
T or I configuration
Pit mounted or above ground

We will also supply;
Baler’s Hopper extension
Pit frame and flashing
Conveyor electrical controls


Endura-Veyor’s slider bed baler feed conveyors are often used for baling flattened OCC, empty boxes, paper, and plastic film. The conveyors are typically fed by one of our container dumpers, other conveyors, or sometimes by hand.