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Document Destruction Systems

Endura-Veyor, Inc. has extensive experience with plant-based document destruction systems. Our team has been designing material handling equipment for Document Destruction processes for over 20 years and more recently we’ve been designing solutions for the mobile shredding industry.

Now Endura-Veyor, Inc. is taking this experience a step further to focus on all types of Secure Information and Product Destruction. E-Scrap and proprietary product destruction have dovetailed into the document destruction industry as the awareness of confidential information protection has grown. Endura-Veyor has grown with these changes.

Click here to see how one e-scrap processor is putting Endura-Veyor, Inc. products to work for them.

  System Components

Document Destruction Systems
Steel Belt Conveyors
Container Dumpers
Slider Bed Conveyor
Z Style Shredder Discharge Conveyor

  Related Industries

  Paper Recycling

  Hard Drive Destruction

  Product Destruction

  Printing and Die Cutting
  Trim Scrap

Above-Ground (pit-less) design if you lease your facility
Pit-mounted systems for permanent installations

Document Destruction Systems

Sorting Conveyors
Many Shredder Feed Options as well as Discharge Conveyors

Slider Bed Conveyor Options
Non-Ferrous zones for cross-belt magnets
Completely metal-free zones for metal detectors
Mounts for magnetic equipment also available

Sorting Mezzanines
Storage Bunker Conveyors
4 P steel Belt Conveyors

Container Dumpers

Up to 96” dump height for direct feed into shredder, baler or conveyor
Automated controls and gated endures
Custom drum sizes to fit your unique containers

In addition to the wide variety of equipment we offer, we also provide knowledgeable System Layout and Design Services