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2.5 Inch Pitch Conveyor Products

2 1/2" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

Endura-Veyor, Inc. now offers the most versatile array of 2 1/2" pitch hinged steel belt conveyor products on the market today. We have taken YOUR valuable feedback and created (4) standard models to meet the tough material handling challenges of your industry. We have helped our clients achieve success in many production and recycling environments including metal, glass, paper and plastic. Please review our complete range of offering and call today to put our hinged steel belt conveyor products to work for you!

Benefits of using the 2500 Series Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

Our 2 1/2” Pitch hinged steel belt conveyors, equipped with Sure-Path Belting,will endure the most challenging applications and stay firmly on track. No more scrubbing on the frame. No belt jamming due to misalignment. Sure-Path Belting will keep your belt moving smoothly and efficiently – reducing downtime and maintenance cost.
Endless combinations of features and options including complete controls packages
Customizable belt styles and conveyor configurations
Approval drawings and a full range of conveyor designing services available

  Options & Accessories

Conveyor Options Accessories

  Why Endura-Veyor, Inc.

  • Industry Expertise


    We have extensive experience across multiple industries and our dedicated teams bring you a combination of deep loose material handling knowledge and application specific perspectives.

  • Drawing Services


    We use the latest 3D software to produce professional proposals to help you secure the project.

  • Private Labeling


    We will paint the equipment your specified color, put your logo on it, and blind ship it directly to your customer with your documentation.

  • Continuous Support


    Before and after the sale, you can count on Endura-Veyor to assist you with your product selection and service needs.

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor Specifications

Model 2500W Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

Sure-Path belting is provided as standard equipment and is the most rugged and reliable 2 1/2" Pitch hinged steel belting available in the industry
Widest variety of belting options in the industry
The most user friendly design available. Belt inspection and clearing of tramp metal has never been easier!
Our full range of options are available for this model


Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor Specifications

Model 2500S Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

The 2500S utilizes a chainless, direct drive package that increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance cost
Slide on wing belting is standard
A great choice for light stampings or oily parts


Low Profile Hinged Belt Conveyor Specifications

Model 2500L - Low Profile Hinged Belt Conveyor

All the rugged features of a hinged steel belt with a lower frame height - less than 7" high when sitting on the floor
2 1/2" Pitch welded wing belting is standard
Our full range of options are available for this model


Neck Down Low Profile Conveyor Specifications

Model 2500N - Neck Down Low Profile Conveyor

This model offers a 4 1/2" depth on the horizontal section that can fit in areas that other conveyors cannot
The "N" offers all the valuable features of an EVI hinged belt
Most belting options available - call for details