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9 Inch Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

9" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

Endura-Veyor, Inc.'s heavy duty hinged steel belt conveyors are manufactured to the highest standard in the industry. Our equipment is currently being used in numerous recycling and manufacturing operations around the world. EVI's equipment, and expertise, will excel in applications such as document destruction, e-scrap processing, scrap metal recycling, metal manufacturing, used beverage container (UBC) processing, and used cardboard recycling (OCC). Please call today to put Endura-Veyor, Inc. hinged steel belt conveyors to work for you and your organization.

The 9000 Series 9" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are the ultimate workhorses in the recycling industry and are used when a higher load capacity, compared to the 6000 series, is required.

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  • Industry Expertise


    We have extensive experience across multiple industries and our dedicated teams bring you a combination of deep loose material handling knowledge and application specific perspectives.

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    We use the latest 3D software to produce professional proposals to help you secure the project.

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    We will paint the equipment your specified color, put your logo on it, and blind ship it directly to your customer with your documentation.

  • Continuous Support


    Before and after the sale, you can count on Endura-Veyor to assist you with your product selection and service needs.

9 Inch Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

9000 Series 9" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

The 9000 Series utilizes all common 9" Pitch belting styles including piano hinge steel belt, apron pan, z-pan, and combination belting
We have designed the 9000 series for ease of belt installation and conveyor maintenance
Shipped in sections as required
Endura-Veyor, Inc has many years of experience offering application assistance for these products to our network of systems integrators. Give us call to discuss your project requirements today!