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  Why Endura-Veyor, Inc.

  • Industry Expertise

    We have extensive experience across multiple industries and our dedicated teams bring you a combination of deep loose material handling knowledge and application specific perspectives.

  • Drawing Services

    We use the latest 3D software to produce professional proposals to help you secure the project.

  • Private Labeling

    We will paint the equipment your specified color, put your logo on it, and blind ship it directly to your customer with your documentation.

  • Continuous Support

    Before and after the sale, you can count on Endura-Veyor to assist you with your product selection and service needs.

Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Endura-Veyor, Inc. is now offering a line of horizontal motion conveyors (HMC). Our HMCs have patented pneumatic drives for years of dependable, low cost operation that are capable of moving product loads up to 1150 lbs. Numerous conveyor design options are available to suit a variety of applications and industries. Some common metal industry applications for HMCs are stamping, laser cutting scrap, grinding, welding slag, swarf, and extreme temperatures. Horizontal motion conveyors offer an alternative for applications where steel belt conveyors are prone to excessive belt wear from fine abrasive material, jamming, or are simply too large for a constricted space.

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Drag Chain Flight Conveyor

Endura-Veyor, Inc.'s Drag Chain Flight Conveyor (also known as a scraper conveyor) was specifically designed for applications that are too abrasive or problematic for a steel belt conveyor and for non-ferrous materials that cannot be moved with a magnetic slide conveyor. It effectively moves small chips, fines and particles of steel, brass, bronze, cast iron or aluminum as well as, sludge and paste in fabricated metal product markets. EVI's Drag Chain Flight Conveyor is commonly used in conjunction with other equipment such as, CNC, grinding, lapping and milling machinery.

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Aluminum Frame Conveyor

Endura-Veyor’s Aluminum Frame Conveyor is a sturdy, light weight, corrosion resistant solution for loose parts and scrap handling applications. Common industries and applications include, plastic injection molding, food scrap, medical waste and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Aluminum Frame Conveyor is a cost effective option when compared to stainless steel for wash down or paint free applications.

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