OCC Disc Screen


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OCC Screens

Endura-Veyor’s OCC Screens are engineered and built to separate old corrugated cardboard from other fiber, various plastics, metal containers, glass and debris. Our design agitates the material stream releasing other types of materials and contaminants from the larger OCC product. Smaller material passes through the openings between the discs, while the OCC proceeds up the screen deck to continuing on thru the system.

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OCC Screens


Available in single and double deck designs
Adjustable disc configurations are available to provide for the optimum production rates and product specification
Adjustable deck speed allows for fast changes to meet processing requirements
Hydraulically adjustable incline angle to achieve production rates with optimum material separation
Central lube blocks for easy bearing lubrication
Discs can be removed without shaft or bearing removal
Anti-wrap shafts with easy clean design minimizes down time while making cleaning easier


Significantly improves the throughput and production efficiency of sorting and recycling facilities
Separates cardboard from the material stream
Low maintenance and operating costs
Minimal wear on metal discs