Project Description

Endura-Veyor, Inc. manufactures heavy duty container box dumpers. This equipment can help your facility increase employee productivity and decrease the risk of injury due to bending and lifting.

Benefits of using Endura-Veyor Box Dumpers

  • Bearings at all pivot points–including severe-duty, composite sleeve bearings at main pivot point
  • Easy access to hydraulic and electrical components
  • All box dumpers are weight tested in our shop prior to shipping
  • 36” thru 96” dump heights, in 12” increments, are standard
  • Quick response to quotation inquiry, fast delivery times, and a very competitive price
  • Integration services available
  • Expedited delivery is available for all box dumpers – including custom designs

Container Box Dumper

  • The most standard designs offered in the industry
  • Very easy to operate with a wide range of use
  • Can be adapted to nearly any container, box or cart
  • Decreases risk of injury caused from bending and lifting
  • Increases plant productivity

Gated Enclosures

Gated enclosures are a valuable accessory that can be used with any Endura-Veyor box dumper . The intent is to keep people, and other obstructions, clear of the rotating drum. This feature has a very attractive return-on-investment – especially when you consider the alternatives.

  • Welded construction of angle iron and expanded metal
  • Door interlock is included – mounted and wired
  • 2-button control station – mounted and wired

Auto-Run Control Package

This package is available with Endura-Veyor’s gated enclosure and can help your facility significantly increase productivity. With the Auto-Run control package you can complete the dumping cycle with the push of a single button – allowing the operator to perform other job duties while the box dumper performs its function.

  • The control panel includes a key switch, an emergency stop, a selector switch for auto-run or manual mode, and up/down buttons for manual mode
  • All sensors and switches are pre-wired at our facility

Other Valuable Options

  • Custom dump heights and box sizes–we welcome the opportunity to review all special requests
  • Faster lift times
  • Spring-Loaded retaining bars
  • Fixed hold downs (when using an exclusive container)
  • Custom discharge chute designs
  • Stainless and / or washdown construction and components
  • Heavy duty elevation stands
  • Increased weight capacities – call to discuss your specific needs



Container and Box Dumper Auto Run Control

Container and Box Dumper Auto Run Control

Box Dumper Dumping Paper

Box Dumper Dumping Paper

UBC Handling

UBC Handling



Container Dumper 1000 LB.
Options & Accessories

Side Load

Compactor Feeder

4 Place Cart Dumper

Gated Enclosures

Lift & Dump Options

Stock Colors – Many other colors are available

Safety Blue

Profile Grey

Vista Green

Safety Orange

Safety Yellow

Gloss White

Also available in Stainless Steel

Why Endura-Veyor, Inc.
We have extensive experience across multiple industries and our dedicated teams bring you a combination of deep loose material handling knowledge and application specific perspectives.
We use the latest 3D software to produce professional proposals to help you secure the project.
We will paint the equipment your specified color, put your logo on it, and blind ship it directly to your customer with your documentation.
Before and after the sale, you can count on Endura-Veyor to assist you with your product selection and service needs.